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2013 Toy Collection 2,606 Toys Collected!

I want to thank each and every one of you for donating a record number of toys again. Most of the toys went straight to Home of the Innocents and Kosairs Childrens Hospital to be stored until Christmas Day. The rest of the toys were flown to Madrid where we hosted a Christmas luncheon for abandoned kids at an agency called "Nuevo Futuro". Toys were also donated to a children's hospital in Madrid. Again, thank you for making this possible, happy holidays and GO CARDS!!!

2012 Toy Collection


You did it again! We collected over 2500 toys and distributed them to Kosairs and Home for the Innocents. Peyton Siva and Amanda Mertz, Ms Kentucky graciously visited the children and their families on Christmas morning and shared the toys. There were many surprised and happy faces. Thanks to Peyton and Amanda and more important THANK YOU Card fans. I am grateful for your generosity.